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Last month we were in a very difficult financial position and we sent out an emergency appeal letter. Thank you to the many people who generously donated. We are out of difficulty but we continue to need your regular financial support.

As you will notice in the newsletter, the government consultation on legislative options for assisted suicide in Canada was launched on July 17, but when the election was called on August 2, the direct consultations with the panel ceased.

The online consultation remains open to groups and individuals to make submissions to the panel. We need all our supporters to submit their thoughts concerning legislative options to:

If you need help in this endeavor, call us at: 1-877-439-3348 or email us at:

EPC is preparing a thorough response to the government consultation that we will submit after the election.

The day we sent the newsletter to the printer, a new study was published concerning deaths during the first year of operation at the Netherlands euthanasia clinic. The study indicates that the definition of suffering is subjective and has expanded to include people with dementia or depression and those who are “tired of living” (advanced age) are regularly dying by lethal injection at the euthanasia clinic. Sadly, the Supreme Court of Canada assisted death decision stated that euthanasia could be done for reasons of physical or psychological suffering without defining these terms. EPC is working to make sure that the Netherlands’ experience is not replicated in North America.

The Netherlands’ study followed a study concerning euthanasia for psychiatric reasons in Belgium.

The Washington State 2014 assisted suicide report was recently released. The data in the report indicates that there are a significant number of unknown facts concerning what happened to the people, when no report was submitted. For instance, according to the report, they have no idea if the 27 people who died from unknown causes, died by assisted suicide. Further to that, they cannot account for the lethal dose when a person did not die by assisted suicide. It is possible more people are dying by assisted suicide. It is also possible that other people are using the lethal dose.

The veneer of a supposedly controlled and “safe” assisted suicide system is peeling away.

We need to be a people of hope. On August 11th , after the newsletter  was sent to the printer, the New Mexico Court of Appeal overturned the activist lower court assisted suicide decision. The Court of Appeal stated that assisted suicide is prohibited in New Mexico. Last year, EPC successfully lobbied the New Mexico Attorney General to ensure that the activist decision was appealed. I personally called the attorney general’s office on several occasions.

EPC is very thankful to everyone who donated to our emergency appeal. We need more supporters to become regular donors, or make a donation this month, to ensure that we do not need to send out an emergency appeal again.


Thank you for your continued support.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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