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October 28, 2019

Dear Friends,

I recently published an article explaining that there have been 3822 reported assisted deaths in Ontario since euthanasia was legalized in June 2016, and between July 1 and September 30, 2019 (3 months) there were 519 reported assisted deaths. This means that the province of Ontario alone is on the path of killing more than 2000 people each year.

The Canadian government is very slow in releasing data and the only other province that is regularly releasing data is Alberta. We know that in Canada there were 4235 reported assisted deaths in 2018 and 2704 in 2017. There has likely been more than 12000 reported assisted deaths in Canada since legalization.

Why do I provide these statistics? Because thousands of Canadians have personal stories about euthanasia and some of these stories are controversial. We need your story to create awareness about what is happening.

Less than three months after legalization, Candice Lewis (25), who was born with multiple disabilities was pressured by doctors to ask for an assisted death in Newfoundland. Because Candice and her mother went to the media, we were able to share her story with the world. Candice’s story proves that choice is an illusion.

Do you have a personal story about euthanasia or assisted suicide?The Nichols’ family contacted us about their brother Alan who died by euthanasia in July. Alan did not have a physical illness, but rather, he was living with chronic depression. By speaking to CTV News, the Nichols’ family enabled the world to know what happened to their brother. Alan’s story proves that the “safeguards” are being ignored.

Included with this month’s newsletter is a flyer with Alan’s story encouraging people to share their story. We need you to distribute this flyer in your community or church group. There are too many Canadians who have experienced the fatal flaws of euthanasia. We need to create awareness through these stories.

We are distributing the flyers $30 for 100 or $50 for 200. By donating towards the cost, we will be able to distribute these flyers to many more people across Canada. You can view the flyer by clicking this link.

Great news! The Fatal Flaws film won two more international film festival awards: Outstanding Excellence Social Issues: Docs Without Borders Film Festival, 2019 and Official Selection: Great Lakes International Film Festival, 2019.

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Donations always drop during the summer and we continue to have a financial shortfall. We need your financial support to distribute the Alan Nichols’ flyer asking for stories.  Further to that, we continue to help people who are seeking advice and direction concerning issues related to euthanasia. Your support enables us to continue our work.

We are thankful for your continued support.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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