June 23, 2017

Dear Friends,

I have great news. Two-thousand seventeen has been a year of incredible victories in the U.S. Every state that debated assisted suicide either defeated the bill, sent it back for further study or amendments, or didn’t vote on it. The assisted suicide lobby spent significant money hiring lobbyists in several states and they still lost.

Unfortunately in Canada, the euthanasia “MAID” law is expanding due to court decisions, and from political pressure that politicians in Québec and Ottawa are facing from the euthanasia lobby and media.

The recent Ontario court decision by Justice Paul Perrell, found that “natural death was reasonably foreseeable” for a woman with osteoarthritis. This terrible decision will allow people without a terminal condition to die by euthanasia.

We are continuing our work on the next documentary Death Wish that focuses on the “completed life” debate in the Netherlands. Recently I was invited to speak in Budapest, Hungary, where I met anti-euthanasia leaders from the Netherlands. This relationship provided new stories of abuse of the Dutch euthanasia law and to future filming dates in the Netherlands. The documentary Death Wish will be released this fall. Please donate to this project.

At the same time we have received several stories from Americans concerning personal experiences with assisted suicide. We continue to look for more personal stories to build the American documentary.

In my last letter I said we need at least $40,000 to complete the film project. Thank you for your generous support. We still need more than $25,000 in donations towards the documentary film projects.

The USB flash drive containing the most important research and information on euthanasia and assisted suicide has already been a great success. The drive is the easiest and most comprehensive way to provide information to groups, individuals and students because it is organized by topic and completely accessible. We are selling them individually for $30, $100 for 4 and $200 for 10 (shipping and taxes are included).

The Compassionate Community Care service (1-855-675-8749) continues to receive calls from people concerning euthanasia, assisted suicide or end-of-life care. Most of the calls come from family or friends who are concerned about the medical treatment or care of a loved-one. A recent assessment of the call-logs indicated that CCC received 70 calls the originated from 7 provinces. CCC is now looking for more people who are able to take calls from the service.

Save the date: the 2017 Euthanasia Symposium is at the Best Western Toronto Airport Carlingview hotel on October 28.
We are charging $50 to come and hear excellent speakers and provide an opportunity to network with like-minded people.

We are truly thankful for your support. We continue to fight back by educating, encouraging and producing resources to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide. Please be generous by donating to our important work, our current film projects and our commitment to help and support people in the most difficult time of their life.

Thank you for your continued support,




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair

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