Dear Friends:


The 2015 Euthanasia Symposium is in Montréal on Saturday, October 31. The registration fee is only $50. The Symposium is co-sponsored by Living with Dignity Québec and the Physicians Alliance Against Euthanasia. Simultaneous translation is available. Book your hotel room at the Best Western – Ville Marie Hotel by calling: 1-800-361-7791.

Consider donating $50 for registration or $200 to include hotel to enable students to attend the Symposium.

We urge every group and individual to participate in the Canadian government’s online consultation on legislative options by making submissions to the panel. We need all our supporters to submit their thoughts concerning legislative options to: If you need help with this contact EPC at

EPC is promoting a new post card campaign to be sent to members of parliament or the attorney general. The post cards urge the use of the notwithstanding clause. We will send you the post cards for free. Contact us at: 1-877-439-3348.

The Memoirs of L.L deVeber have been published. Barrie is the founding President of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC), a retired pediatric oncologist and hematologist and the former director of pediatric oncology at the Children’s Hospital of Western Ontario. The book concerns his many accomplishments, such as his work in the development of the serum to treat Rh factor that has resulted in the birth of thousands of healthy babies and the development of the first pediatric palliative care guidelines in the world, developed while he cared for children with cancer. Barrie is also known for his Irish charm, story telling and his straight forward wit.

Barrie: Memoirs of Dr L.L. deVeber is an excellent Christmas gift for everyone who enjoy funny stories combined with important life accomplishments. Purchase Barrie from the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition for: $25 for 1 copy or $60 for 3 copies (postage included).

EPC continues to distribute the Protecting People Pamphlet at a cost of $25 for 100 copies or $100 for 500 copies.

EPC is planning to launch a new media campaign, after the election, under the theme: Euthanasia – Theory and Reality. Earlier this year, EPC launched a successful radio ad campaign that was aired in many communities throughout Canada.

To launch the campaign, we will need at least $20,000 to develop a radio ad, along with a print ad and posters. We will buy radio ad time in major markets, including Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. We will keep you informed. To achieve a maximum outcome, we will make this campaign available for use by groups and individuals across Canada.

We will continue to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide. We will not capitulate and we will not accept the intentional killing of people at the most vulnerable time of their lives. In response to this we also helped launch Compassionate Community Care.

We need your continued financial support. Monthly donors are especially needed.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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