July 29, 2016

Dear Friends:

Thank you for the constant support that so many people have provided the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition as we work to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide. Now that Canada has legalized euthanasia and California has legalized assisted suicide, our work has become more important than ever.

Our efforts in all areas will continue, but our primary focus is on resisting the acceptance of euthanasia and protecting your life.

The first part of our resistance campaign is the release of The Euthanasia Deception documentary. Many people viewed  The Euthanasia Deception free preview screening in late July and commented on its emotional appeal, captivating style and professional quality.

EPC is asking you or your group to organize a screening of The Euthanasia Deception in your community. We may be able to provide a speaker or lead a question and answer session after the screening. Go to VulnerableFilm.com.

EPC is selling The Euthanasia Deception video for $30, 4 for $100 or 10 for $200.

Purchase The Euthanasia Deception for $30

Order the DVD by calling: 1-877-439-3348 or e-mailing: info@epcc.ca.

The second focus of EPC is the Compassionate Community Care Service (CCC) that is established and has gained new importance in our goal of protecting people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.Last month, we received two important calls through the CCC help-line (1-855-675-8749). One case concerned a woman, whose husband had been approved for euthanasia and she opposed euthanasia. The other case concerned a woman whose husband had an accident and she was feeling pressured to have the ventilator turned off. This month, we received several other important calls.

CCC needs to be promoted throughout Canada and we need several qualified people to respond to the calls from people with concerns. CCC requires financial support to accomplish these goals.

CCC is operated by EPC, therefore donations need to be made to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Please be generous. People’s lives are depending on your willingness and our ability to help.

On August 11, we will be moving into our new location.

We need several items for the office. We need at least one new laptop computer and a refrigerator for our lunch room. A laptop will cost more than $1000 (this includes the cost of software) and a refrigerator will cost up to $1000. We will also be painting the new office location, etc.

In July, the computer died that is used by our designer/social media expert. Fortunately, we recovered the important data from the hard-drive but we bought a new computer and will be paying for the recovery of the data from the old hard drive. The cost for this project will be at least $1000.

If you wish to donate towards these necessary expenses, just earmark your donation to new office equipment.

The EPC 2016 Symposium is Saturday, October 29 at the Best Western Waterfront Hotel in Windsor, Ontario. The conference will run from 9 am to 5 pm, followed by a dinner honouring our current President and founding VP, Jean Echlin. Book your hotel room now (for $139.00) by calling: 519-973-5555.

The Symposium registration fee is $50 and the cost to attend the dinner is $50. Registration for both the Symposium and the dinner is $90. An information flyer will be in the next newsletter.

We encourage you to purchase the new Wesley J. Smith book: Culture of Death for $35 (shipping included). Culture of Death is a fabulous book that provides important insight and information into the current culture.

Our work is more important than ever, but we will not be able to protect people from euthanasia without your continued support. We need you or your group to organize a screening of The Euthanasia Deception in your community. We need you to donate to the cost of operating the Compassionate Community Care service and towards our new office expenses. But most of all we need your continued commitment and support.

Thank you for your continued support, helping us to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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