Dear Friends:

In December we wrote about the video/documentary project that focuses on personal stories concerning euthanasia and assisted suicide. In late January, Kevin Dunn, from Dunn Media, went to Belgium and the Netherlands and filmed 14 interviews with people and leaders who all have personal stories and experiences.

This project started with the goal of informing the public about how euthanasia and assisted suicide affects culture; it has now become the most significant video/documentary on these issues. EPC is looking forward to promoting and sharing this monumental project throughout Canada, the US and world-wide.

This project is not limited to a video/documentary on personal stories and experiences. EPC will also be using key footage to produce Youtube videos to “go viral” on the internet.

But we need more money to finish this project.

Many people have generously donated to this project, but we need at least $20,000 more to complete the project. Please consider donating to this project.

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) hired Wanda Morris, the former CEO of Dying with Dignity, to promote their official pro-euthanasia position. Many of our members joined CARP to enjoy the travel and insurance benefits. You should consider not renewing your membership.

Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick, who was our EPC-International director, died on January 14. Kevin was an important part of our team. His wife Fabienne, and his children, Terry, Gerry and Sue lost a great husband and father.

EPC will continue selling the Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for $10 for one more month.

EPC was snubbed by the Parliamentary Committee on assisted dying. One of the committee members kindly explained that we were not chosen to make a presentation because we oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.

We responded to the committee by sending out a media release outlining our main concerns. We are sending our submission to every member of parliament (MP) and we are hosting a lunch for MP’s on March 8.

EPC continues to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide and we continue to activate thousands of people on these issues. Please become a regular monthly donor or help us this month by donating to the documentary project or towards the cost of the parliamentary lunch on March 8.

Thank you for your generosity, enabling us to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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