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February 28, 2020

Dear Friends,

The Canadian government introduced amendments to the euthanasia law (Bill C-7). As predicted, the government did not limit their amendments to the Québec court decision but are proposing to expand the law by:

  • Permitting euthanasia for people who are incompetent but were approved in advance.
  • Waiving the 10-day waiting period.
  • Falsely claiming (smoke and mirrors) to prevent euthanasia for people with mental illness.

What makes it worse is the fact that the government intends to begin the five-year review of the euthanasia law in June 2020, and yet they are already expanding the law.

We are petitioning the government to reject Bill C-7 and turn their focus to preparing the review.

BC Health Minister, Adrian Dix, terminated the contract with the Delta Hospice Society as of February 24, 2021, because the Delta Hospice refuses to kill its patients at the Irene Thomas Hospice in Ladner BC. This type of coercion is completely unacceptable, and the battle has only begun. The Delta Hospice Society was originally ordered to begin doing euthanasia by February 3, 2020, or lose its funding. They can now continue for at least 12 more months. This is a victory and they are not backing down.

The Delta Hospice, an independent non-profit charity, is concerned that the BC government intends to expropriate the Irene Thomas Hospice in Ladner, BC. The hospice building was constructed with local donations and not provincial funding. This would be a scandalous appropriation of private property.

Our online petition supporting the Delta Hospice has more than 20,000 signatures. We hope you will join us at a rally in support of the Delta Hospice on April 4, 2020 (12 Noon) at the Parliament in Victoria, BC. We support all hospices that refuse to kill.

This month’s newsletter article on page 4, “Assisted Suicide Bills Are Not What They Appear To Be” is important as many US states debate bills to legalize assisted suicide. The assisted suicide lobby has changed the language of these bills to allow for a wider interpretation of the law. These bills are intentionally worse than the Oregon law. There are at least 18 states that have an assisted suicide bill this year. We are primarily concerned with New York.

There are several key initiatives that require your financial support. We are planning an event for Members of Parliament in Ottawa, have organized the rally in support of the Delta Hospice, and are planning our Euthanasia Symposium on June 6 (save the date!) at the Juan de Fuca Recreation Centre in Victoria.

Your donations enable us to be effective. Please support our work with a one-time donation or become a regular donor.

We are incredibly thankful for your continued support,

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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