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September 29, 2016

Dear Friends:

The Euthanasia Deception documentary has been incredibly successful. We have already sold nearly 500 DVDs, not including online downloads, and several theaters have agreed to show it. The film has been distributed throughout Canada, the USA, New Zealand and Australia. But it needs to be seen by as many people as possible. We need you or your group to show the documentary in your community.

The Euthanasia Deception is powerful because it features people who have been directly affected by euthanasia and assisted suicide. Purchase the documentary for $30 (+tax) for one DVD, $100 (+tax) for four or $200 (+tax) for ten. You can download the order form here, e-mail or purchase it online at

The 2016 Euthanasia Symposium is Saturday October 29 at the Best Western PLUS Waterfront Hotel in Windsor Ontario, with easy access from the Detroit airport. The Euthanasia Symposium provides an excellent opportunity to be part of the movement to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide. More information is in October’s newsletter (#178). Please consider donating the $90 registration fee (Symposium + dinner) to enable students or other people to attend.

The Compassionate Community Care help-line (1-855-675-8749) continues to receive calls from people seeking help. We received a call from a woman who was asking when it is appropriate (or inappropriate) to withhold fluids from her mother who has dementia. It is generally inappropriate to withhold fluids from a person who is not yet dying. We have had two calls from people concerning a euthanasia decision. Donations are needed to maintain this important life-saving service.

Conscience rights for medical professionals is of primary importance now that euthanasia and assisted suicide has become legal in Canada. EPC is urging everyone to write a letter that we will share with the legal team who are preparing the case to protect conscience rights for medical professionals in Canada. You can read more on the front page of the latest newsletter.

The suicide lobby in the U.S. is continuing its push to legalize assisted suicide. Legislation is being debated in the District of Columbia this fall and a voter initiative (referendum) is on the November ballot in Colorado. We recognize that euthanasia and assisted suicide are a world-wide threat and need to be opposed on a world-wide basis. We encourage you to support the efforts in the United States and other jurisdictions to oppose medical killing.

The Washington State suicide lobby stated in their summer newsletter that they facilitated 93% of the assisted suicide deaths in their State. The 2014 and 2015 Washington State assisted suicide reports indicate that some of the assisted deaths are not reported. We are urging the Washington State authorities to investigate these assisted suicide deaths.

We are incredibly thankful for the continued support from you, our donors. Your financial support enabled us to produce The Euthanasia Deception documentary and to help people who are facing the more difficult time of their life.

Thank-you for your continued support. Please consider becoming an advertiser or becoming a regular or monthly donor. With your help, we will continue protecting people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair

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