Dear Friends:

The Christmas season is approaching. There is much work to do, but there is also much to be thankful about.

Last month, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) was granted intervener standing in the Québec court case
challenging the Québec euthanasia law as unconstitutional. The Québec case was launched by two physicians groups.

EPC co-sponsored the East Coast Conference Against Assisted Suicide in Connecticut. The East Coast Conference
was one of the most successful conferences we have ever organized. Many people attended, the speakers were excellent
and many articles were written about the conference.

At the East Coast Conference, I met Maggie Karner, a woman with the identical medical condition as Brittany Maynard
had. Karner produced a Youtube video, with 400,000 views, that asked Maynard to join her in fighting the disease,
rather than die. Karner gave an inspiring speech urging everyone to fearlessly oppose assisted suicide.

On November 13, the New Jersey legislature passed assisted suicide Bill A2270. This bill will still be debated in the
New Jersey Senate, but it is likely that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will need to veto this dangerous bill. EPC
has launched a successful online petition campaign urging Governor Christie to veto the assisted suicide bill.

In July, EPC published the original article by Professor Theo Boer, who was a member of a Dutch Euthanasia Regional
Review Committee for 9 years. Boer explained in his article why he changed his mind and now opposes euthanasia.
Recently, Boer wrote an article stating that the Netherlands euthanasia law needs to be reformed. Edith Schippers, the
Dutch Minister of Public Health, responded by agreeing that the Dutch euthanasia guidelines need to be tightened.
Sadly, Schippers has also stated that the Netherlands is establishing guidelines for euthanasia and organ donation.

EPC is waiting for the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the euthanasia/assisted suicide case and we are preparing
for the Québec court case. We have been very busy building opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide. In the past
few weeks, I have made presentations in: Ottawa, Sarnia, Windsor, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Edmonton, Toronto, Welland,
Peterborough, St Catharines, Hartford and Mississauga. I have been booked for many speaking engagements in 2015.

EPC has grown substantially in 2014. We are thankful to you, our many members and donors. We continue to need
more people to become regular monthly donors (credit card or pre-authorized debit).

Please remember us when you are making your Christmas donations.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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