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September 15, 2021

Dear Friend:

We are able to do our work because of you. Thank you for your continued support.

An article in this month’s newsletter (click here) explains how some people with cancer that died by euthanasia did not have their diagnosis confirmed and often they refused effective medical treatment. Based on survival rates, it is likely that some of these people who died by “MAID” may have survived, but died by euthanasia rather than trying effective medical treatment. In Canada, people can be approved and die by euthanasia without even trying effective medical treatments.

We are concerned by the Expert Panel on MAID and Mental Illness that the Canadian government established before the election. The “expert” panel is tasked with establishing guidelines to implement euthanasia for mental illness. Most of the panel members are known to have a pro-euthanasia position, which suggests that the government intends to implement permissive protocols for euthanasia for mental illness.

The California court case that seeks to permit euthanasia as part of the assisted suicide law, may open a flood gate in the US. The case seeks to permit lethal injection when a person cannot “self administer” the lethal drugs. The assisted suicide lobby is counting on an activist judge to hear the case.

Demand for worldwide help to oppose euthanasia legislation is increasing. We helped the Irish organizers successfully reject euthanasia. We have been helping Australians oppose state euthanasia bills. Sadly, Australia seems to be following Canada’s lead by legalizing euthanasia. We have also been working with contacts in Spain, Portugal and Italy. The Italian death lobby collected 750,000 signatures to demand a euthanasia referendum. Portugal’s parliament passed a euthanasia bill but their Constitutional Court rejected the legislation because it was “excessively imprecise”.

On October 2, I am running a half-marathon to raise money for the Compassionate Community Care (CCC) charity. Last year we raised $12,000 through the charity run. CCC provides a helpline for people with end-of-life medical concerns and those that want to help friends or family members prevent a euthanasia death (1-855-675-8749). CCC also offers a visiting training program (“Being With”) and is developing a healthcare advocacy program.

The demands on the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition are increasing. Your donation will enable us to work closely with others while continuing to protect Canadians from euthanasia. We are thankful for every donation we receive.

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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