Dear Friends:

Thanks to the response of the many people who wrote letters to the Justice Minister/Prime Minister or other political leaders or who distributed or sent the “Give us time!” postcards, our demands have been heard.

Last week Justice Minister Peter MacKay announced that the government is establishing a committee to exam the possible response to the dangerous Supreme Court assisted suicide decision and the government announced that it will ask the Supreme Court to extend the time it gave parliament to legislate on the issue to beyond February 6, 2016.

EPC continues to urge you to write letters to the Prime Minister, the Justice Minister and the other party leaders or to distribute the “Give us time!” postcards. We continue to urge the government to use the notwithstanding clause.

EPC is waiting for the Canadian government to announce the configuration and purpose for the committee on assisted suicide. We will develop a strategy and talking points to ensure that our message is heard by the committee. EPC is committed to protecting Canadians from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

EPC was part of the victory in Texas whereby bill HB 3074, a bill to protect people who are not otherwise dying from being dehydrated to death was signed into law. By working with Dr Jacqueline Harvey, the Texas healthcare law that gave physicians the right to unilaterally deny food and water, was replaced with protective language. Representative Drew Springer negotiated the effective language in HB 3074 passing the bill with near unanimous support in the House and Senate. HB 3074 will be used as a template in other US states. Thank you Dr Harvey and Representative Springer.

EPC accomplished a long-time goal by gaining standing at the United Nations. EPC will continue to build world-wide opposition to killing vulnerable people by helping to establish more national and regional partner groups. Euthanasia and assisted suicide are being promoted world-wide and EPC has become the world leader.

EPC sponsored the successful Symposium in Dublin on June 6 where more than 100 people attended as we launched HOPE Ireland under the leadership of Dr Kevin Fitzpatrick. Ireland is facing a campaign to legalize euthanasia and assisted suicide. Several groups and leaders are working in coalition to prevent euthanasia in Ireland.

A European leaders meeting also was held in Dublin. EPC Europe will relaunch with leadership from across Europe.

The Supreme Court assisted suicide decision was irresponsible and dangerous, but we are not giving up.

EPC has thousands of supporters and many thousand contacts. We are effective when we work in coalition. We can protect Canadians from euthanasia if we work together. We also need your continued financial support.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to us. Summertime is always a down-time for donations. Please help us protect people from euthanasia. Please help us by making a generous donation or by becoming a regular monthly donor.

Thank you for your continued support.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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