Dear Friends:

EPC delayed the production of the newsletter as we were waiting for the tabling of the euthanasia and assisted suicide Bill C-14. The bill is worse than we thought it would be since the bill employs double language, imprecise definitions and it allows anyone to carry-out euthanasia or assisted suicide once it is approved. This is a very dangerous bill.

Let’s be clear the safeguards within Bill C-14 are an illusion. Read the newsletter article.

EPC urges you to organize a rally on Wednesday April 27 at the local office of your Member of Parliament (MP) (12 noon to 1 pm). The purpose of the rally is to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide and to express your concern with the illusion of safeguards and the dangerous language in Bill C-14. Contact EPC for posters and information.

EPC also urges you to make plans to attend our rally on Parliament Hill – Wednesday June 1 (12 noon to 1:30 pm). Please consider donating toward the cost of organizing the Ottawa rally. More information on the rally will be available soon.

The EPC documentary Vulnerable – The Euthanasia Deception will be ready in June. The documentary features interviews with 20 people. We are working with DunnMedia on this project. Your support is needed toward the production of Vulnerable – The Euthanasia Deception. Now that the Bill C-14 has been tabled, the funding of this new documentary and outreach initiative has become more urgent than ever.

Jen Romnes spoke about her battle to protect her mother, who had Alzheimer’s, at our 2015 Euthanasia Symposium. Romnes has now published her book, Entangled 1: Caught Between Choices. EPC is selling her book for $25.

EPC – USA is having its first leaders meeting on May 23 at 440 1st St NW Washington DC from 9:30 am to 4 pm. The cost for the event is $50 and subsidies are available. Contact for more details.

EPC is hiring a full-time website and social media specialist by June 1, 2016. Send your resume to:

EPC is also working to relaunch the Compassionate Community Care project to directly advise people in difficult circumstances. Compassionate Community Care is an important initiative to protect Canadians.

EPC continues to oppose killing people by euthanasia and assisted suicide. We are designing a new way to push-back the culture. Your financial support is more important than ever as we work to prevent euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Thank you for your generosity, enabling us to protect people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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