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June 21, 2018

Dear Friends,

Thank you for being patient with us in the production of the Fatal Flaws film and companion pamphlet. Many people sent EPC pre-paid orders as early as March. Our goal was to have the film completed by the first of May but due to feedback we received from early screenings, we decided to make further edits.

We have now shipped out more than 600 copies of the DVD and nearly 20,000 pamphlets!

You can purchase the DVD ($40 each or $100 for 3) or pamphlets ($40 for 100 or $100 for 300) or pay only $75 for 1 DVD + 100 pamphlets. Contact the office directly (call 1-877-439-3348 or email, click “Resources” in the navigation above or pay for a digital download through Vimeo.

Many screenings are being planned throughout Canada and the United States, including in Alberta, Hawaii, and more. Last month, we told you how the film influenced the assisted suicide vote in Guernsey (UK). Storytelling is a powerful tool to change hearts and minds. We urge you to organize a screening in your community. Email us at

The American Medical Association (AMA) maintained its position on assisted suicide even though they rejected the report of their ethics committee. This is a good news story with a cautionary concern.

Last month, a California court agreed that the assisted suicide law was passed unconstitutionally in 2016. Last week, the Fourth District Court of Appeal issued a stay of the decision, once again permitting California citizens to die by assisted suicide. The plaintiffs were given until July 2 to object to the decision.

The Québec government promised to improve palliative care when it legalized euthanasia. A group of doctors is challenging the government based on the fact that there is less availability to palliative care now than before.

EPC is making a difference. Thank you as always for your continued support.

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Alex Schadenberg

Executive Director & International Chair

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