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front of postcard supporting conscience rights bill c-230
Bill C-230: The Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act had its first hour of debate on Monday, March 28; its second is scheduled for late September. Please contact and urge your Member of Parliament (MP) to support this bill. We have printed postcards for you to send to your MP. Call 1-877-439-3348 or email to ask for a card to be mailed to you or to place a bulk order.

August 2, 2022

Dear Friend:

Thank you to the many people who donate to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) on a monthly basis and the regular donors who make our work possible. We continue to be contacted by people with a friend or family member seeking euthanasia, who we advise and attempt to prevent a killing. We keep people updated and initiate opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Through our relationship with a Netherlands’ committee who are working to prevent child euthanasia, we are co-sponsoring an event on September 16 at the European Parliament in Brussels. This is an important opportunity to work with European parliamentarians to inform and build opposition to euthanasia and assisted suicide in Europe. You can register to watch this event remotely via Zoom at this link.

We continue to work with EPC-USA ( who are effectively lobbying to oppose assisted suicide. Earlier this year, EPC-USA was instrumental in opposing a Massachusetts court case that argued that there was a right to assisted suicide in that state. Recently, EPC-USA was asked to provide further legal analysis concerning this case. EPC-USA is having a national conference on October 15 near Hartford, Connecticut, titled, “Caring About Everyone: Euthanasia Developments in the Western World”. Speakers include Wesley Smith, Gordon Friesen, Dr William Toffler, Peter Wolfgang, Alex Schadenberg and more. You can register to attend in person at this link. EPC will be providing a Zoom link to enable more people to participate.

In the past few months media articles have proven that Canada is approving and killing people by euthanasia, people who live with disabilities, chronic conditions, and mental illness. Most often these deaths are related to people who are living with poverty. A recent article in China wondered, “Why is Canada euthanizing the poor?

The recent parliamentary debate in the UK proved that stories from Canada help other countries prevent the legalization of euthanasia. Our work is to prevent the killing of people in Canada, but also to share our stories world-wide to prevent killing. We are thankful that the UK parliament continues to oppose euthanasia and the Korean Medical Association has taken a strong stand against euthanasia and assisted suicide. EPC is distributing Canadian stories throughout the world.

Your financial support enables us to continue our work. Please remember EPC when donating to worthwhile causes. You can donate to EPC or Compassionate Community Care ( in support of the half-marathon that I am running at Hamilton Bay on September 24. Call 1-877-439-3348 or donate online at this link.

I thank you for your continued support,

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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