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February 28, 2019

Dear Friends,

This month we participated in Fatal Flaws screenings in three cities in Oregon, and in Vancouver BC, Calgary and Grande Prairie AB, Stratford ON and at the Winnipeg Real to Reel Film Festival. The Stopping Assisted Suicide in Your State conference in Albuquerque New Mexico was a great success with more people attending than registered.

The Physicians for Compassionate Care (Oregon) are encouraging people to purchase the Fatal Flaws film and companion pamphlet and screen the film in their communities. You may want to book a speaker for your event.

Last month I reported that we were concerned about the appointment of David Lametti, Canada’s very pro-euthanasia Justice Minister. In mid-February, Minister Lametti announced that the Canadian government will not change the euthanasia (MAiD) law before the conclusion of a five-year review in 2021. Therefore we ask that the signed child euthanasia petitions be returned to our office (mail to: Box 25033 London, ON N6C 6A8) so that they can be collated and presented in Parliament.

In the past month we have sent the Fatal Flaws film to legislators throughout America and world-wide. For instance, we sent it to legislators in Sweden where they are debating assisted suicide. Sending the film to legislators enables us to affect the assisted suicide debate.

We have had several meetings with David Anderson MP who introduced Bill C-418, the bill to protect conscience rights for health care professionals in Canada. Anderson told us that it will likely be debated in early May. This bill protects health care professionals from being pressured into participating in euthanasia (MAiD) in Canada. We strongly support C-418 and will keep you up-to-date on the progress of the bill.

The next federal Canadian election is October 21, 2019. Bill C-418 will not have enough time to become law but the debate provides the opportunity to create awareness of the need to uphold conscience protections in Canada.

Many US states are debating assisted suicide bills. The US media has ignored the news that the Montana House passed Bill 284, a bill that prohibits assisted suicide. It will now be debated in the Senate. The suicide lobby claims that assisted suicide was legalized in Montana. In fact, the court, in its Baxter decision, did not overturn the law but said that a physician could use the defense of consent. HB 284 will reverse Baxter.

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We receive many calls from family members and friends concerning “MAiD” decisions. We are preventing euthanasia while helping other jurisdictions to prevent legalization. Your financial support enables us to continue doing this, by helping and advising, distributing the Fatal Flaws film and influencing the culture.

Thank you for your continued support!

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director & International Chair

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