Dear Friends:

On October 15, the EPC legal team will present our case before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Carter euthanasia case. EPC is hoping that the Supreme Court will follow the May 2013 Irish Supreme Court decision, in the Fleming case where the Irish court upheld the laws protecting people from euthanasia and assisted suicide using similar evidence.

EPC is arguing before the Supreme Court of Canada that:

1. Laws prohibiting euthanasia and assisted suicide are protective and not discriminatory;

2. There is reliable evidence that safeguards in other jurisdictions have been abused;

3. These issues of euthanasia and assisted suicide are properly decided by Parliament and not the Courts;

4. There is no constitutional “right to die” also euthanasia and assisted suicide are not a form of healthcare.

5. Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide diminishes autonomy by empowering doctors to end the lives of patients at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

EPC has worked on the Carter euthanasia case from its beginning. EPC intervened in the Carter case at the lower court in British Columbia, at the BC Court of Appeal and now at the Supreme Court of Canada.

EPC will also intervene in the court challenge of Québec’s (Bill 52) euthanasia law. Two physicians groups and the Living with Dignity group in Québec launched a legal challenge to the constitutionality of the Québec euthanasia law. Québec defined euthanasia as a form of “healthcare” and based its law on the Belgium euthanasia law.

A hearing is scheduled in later October in Montreal to determine the time-table for the hearing and the interveners. EPC considers the Québec euthanasia bill to be unconstitutional. Euthanasia is homicide not healthcare.

EPC received a legal bill for $30,000 for our Supreme Court intervention. We estimate that our legal costs in the Québec case will be at least $50,000.

The National Euthanasia Symposium on Saturday, October 4 at the Gatineau-Ottawa Best Western Plus Hotel. Speakers include Gerbert van Loenen from the Netherlands who wrote a book about the Netherlands euthanasia law. There is also a disability seminar being held on October 3. Contact us at if you are interested.

EPC is also co-sponsoring the East Coast Conference against Assisted Suicide on November 22 in Connecticut.

I will be debating Michael Payton on October 16 (7 pm) at the Sarnia Library Theatre (Christina St. Sarnia).

EPC regional meeting on Saturday, November 1 (7 pm) at the Best Western Sherwood Park Inn in Edmonton AB.

I will be speaking at the deVeber Institute Annual Lecture on Tuesday, November 4 at (7 pm) Tyndale University. (Room 1008) – 3377 Bayview Avenue Toronto. To attend, contact deVeber Institute at: 416-256-0555.

EPC needs to raise $15,000 by October 15 to cover the cost of our intervention at the Supreme Court of Canada. Please donate to the EPC Legal fund. We also need your continued support as a regular or monthly donor.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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