Dear Friends:

Since the Supreme Court of Canada’s assisted suicide decision on February 6, EPC has successfully activated many groups and individuals to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.

The EPC post-card campaign, urging the government to use the notwithstanding clause, has been an incredible success.

EPC and EPC-BC printed and distributed 60,000 post-cards. EPC printed another 20,000 post-cards and orders for those cards continue to arrive. EPC-BC set up a campaign website at:

EPC is now urging the government to establish a Royal Commission on euthanasia and assisted  suicide.

On March 27, EPC-BC Chair Dr Will Johnston, EPC VP Dr Margaret Cottle and I spoke to more than 320 people in Vancouver. The week before, I spoke in three towns in Northern BC and in Barry’s Bay, ON. My trip to Vancouver was booked with the Air Miles card, saving EPC money. Thank you to those who are collecting Air Miles for EPC.

On March 3, EPC had a tremendous victory at the BC Court of Appeal in the Bentley case. Margaret Bentley, who lives with dementia, is being fed orally by spoon and drinks from a cup at a nursing home. Bentley’s family wants oral feeding by spoon and cup to be defined as medical treatment so it can be withdrawn, causing her to die of dehydration.

Last year, Justice Greyall of the BC Court correctly decided that oral feeding is basic personal care and not medical treatment. This means that the nursing home is obligated to continue orally feeding Margaret Bentley. The BC Court of Appeal unanimously agreed with Greyall and stated in their decision:

“It is a grave thing, however, to ask or instruct care-givers to stand by and watch a patient starve to death.”

EPC successfully intervened in the Bentley case at the lower court and at the BC Court of Appeal. This decision means that Canadians who are capable of eating and drinking orally cannot be denied food and water.

Last month, EPC aired our radio ad on “talk radio” AM 1010 Toronto. We received many phone calls and emails from people who seem to dislike us. There was also a talk radio segment debating our ad where Dr. Downer, from Dying with Dignity, admitted that some people in the Netherlands and Belgium are dying without request. EPC is now airing our radio ad on “talk radio” AM 580 Ottawa. We are sending our radio ad, for free, to people who want to air our radio ad on their local radio station. Donations to the radio ad campaign are needed to purchase more radio ads.

EPC is selling Gerbert van Loenen’s book: Do You Call This A Life? for $20 and the DVD of his presentation, last October, at the Euthanasia Symposium, for $10. You can purchase the book and the DVD for $25.

Our work is more important than ever, but is changing. People are contacting Compassionate Community Care (CCC) for medical and legal advice. We remain committed to protecting people from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

Thank you for your continued support.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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