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April 29, 2019

Dear Friends,

This month I had meetings in Ottawa with several Members of Parliament to discuss what we can do after the election to prevent euthanasia. There are several politicians who are willing to sponsor legislation if they get re-elected.

David Anderson, MP, who sponsored Bill C-418, The Protection of Freedom of Conscience Act, has told us that the first hour of debate is scheduled for May 29. Bill C-418 amends the Criminal Code by making it an offence to intimidate, dismiss or refuse to employ a medical practitioner, nurse practitioner, pharmacist or any other health care professional for refusing to participate, directly or indirectly, in the provision of medical assistance in dying (euthanasia or assisted suicide).

We need you to send letters to the Justice Minister and your Member of Parliament and to sign the petition. We will send you the necessary information when you email us at or call 1-877-439-3348.

A United Nations disability rights envoy investigated Canada and published a scathing report on the rights of people with disabilities in Canada. Nearly all the media failed to report that the UN envoy criticized Canada’s “MAiD” legislation because of the pressure that has been placed on people with disabilities to “request” euthanasia.

There are many successes and only one defeat in the United States. Sadly the New Jersey assisted suicide bill passed. The great news is that assisted suicide bills in Connecticut, Maryland and Nevada were defeated. It is also great news that the Death Certificate Accuracy Act passed in Oklahoma, exposing a cover-up associated with assisted suicide.

The EPC has intervention standing in the Lamb case in British Columbia which is a challenge to the “terminal illness” provision in Canada’s euthanasia legislation. Julia Lamb has a chronic medical condition that will someday become terminal, but her “natural death is not reasonably foreseeable” therefore she does not qualify for euthanasia. Lamb is asking the court to strike down the requirement that her natural death must be reasonably foreseeable.

The EPC had intervention standing at the Consent and Capacity Board hearing in the Cement case, which concerns Hannah Cement (62) an Orthodox Jewish woman with Down Syndrome and dementia. The doctors at the Ottawa hospital consider Hannah to be futile and petitioned the Consent and Capacity Board to withdraw all treatment and care, including food and fluids. Her family refused to consent to withholding food and fluid. The Board sided with the doctors and the family has appealed the decision. We are seeking intervention standing at the Ontario Superior Court.

These cases are important and precedent-setting but the cost to intervene in court cases is above and beyond our regular budget. Please consider making a donation to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition legal fund.

We are always working with people world-wide who are working to defeat euthanasia and assisted suicide. We need your continued support to continue our life-saving work. Monthly donors are the life-blood of our organization. Please consider becoming a monthly/regular donor.

Thank you again for your support!

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director & International Chair

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