Dear Friends:

EPC continues working to protect you from euthanasia and assisted suicide. Recently the issue of conscience rights for physicians has gained importance. A leading euthanasia advocate is pushing the provincial medical authorities to coerce physicians into providing all “legal services” to every patient, even when the physician conscientiously objects.

The article on the first page of our newsletter is urging people in Ontario and Saskatchewan to contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons in their province urging them to protect conscience rights for physicians.

Will your life be safe if your physician is lethally injecting or prescribing a lethal dose to his/her patients?

When you are going through a difficult situation, how will you feel if your physician is urging you to die?

At the annual Canadian Medical Association (CMA) meeting, many physicians urged the CMA to protect conscience rights with respect to euthanasia and assisted suicide. Will the CMA intervene to protect conscience rights?

Conscience rights for physicians enable you to choose a physician who will not pressure you to death.

EPC has produced a radio ad that has been played in Ottawa and London, Ontario. We are hoping that we will receive $10,000 in donations to the EPC Radio Ad Campaign to enable us to play the ad in Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, etc. If you purchase radio ads on your local radio station, EPC will send our radio ad to your local radio station.

The appeal of the Bentley “feeding” case will be heard on Wednesday, Feb 11. EPC has intervener standing in the case. The case concerns Margot Bentley, who is being fed by spoon and who drinks with a cup, and who lives with dementia. Last year, a British Columbia court decided that normal feeding is not medical treatment but is basic personal care. The Bentley family are asking the appeal court to order that feeding be stopped and that Margot die by dehydration.

Donations can be earmarked to the EPC Radio Ad Campaign or the EPC Legal Fund.

The EPC Euthanasia Symposium 2014, in Ottawa, featured Gerbert van Loenen, a Dutch journalist, who wrote a book about what happened in the Netherlands when euthanasia became legal. van Loenen told us that he was writing a second book on the Netherlands euthanasia experiment. We received permission to translate and publish his book in English.

Van Loenen’s new book, in English, titled: Do You Call This A Life? will soon be available from EPC for $20. EPC also video taped van Loenen’s presentation in Ottawa. EPC is selling the DVD for $10. For a limited time, you can pre-order the book and the DVD for $25.

Compassionate Community Care has now been established to ensure that whatever the Supreme Court decides, we will continue working to protect you from euthanasia and assisted suicide.

January was a slow month for donations. Please consider making a generous donation or renewing your membership.




Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair


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