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July 27, 2018

Dear Friends,

Recently I wrote an article about the Belgian euthanasia statistics reporting that euthanasia deaths had increased by 14% (2309) in 2017. The report included a new category of deaths based on people who were not terminally ill but living with chronic conditions related to disability or becoming elderly. Sadly, the Belgian people have bought into the euthanasia mentality. We need to prevent the same from occurring elsewhere.

The data from the Third Interim Report on Medical Assistance in Dying recently released by Health Canada, stated that there were 1525 reported assisted deaths (up by 30%) in the second half of 2017. According to the report there have been 3714 total assisted deaths in Canada from legalization until December 31, 2017.

Fatal Flaws (released in May) contains interviews of leaders of the death lobby, juxtaposing those interviews from people with personal assisted death stories.

Kevin Dunn, Producer of Fatal Flaws, went to Guernsey to screen the film while the Guernsey legislature was debating assisted suicide. One of the sponsors of the Guernsey assisted suicide bill attended the screening. The next day he told the legislature that he saw the film and changed his mind on assisted suicide. The bill was defeated by a 24 to 14 vote.

Since the film’s release, EPC has sold more than 800 DVDs; but more importantly there have been many public screenings. This fall we need you or your group to screen Fatal Flaws in your community. If you have not ordered the DVD or pamphlets, please do so soon. We need you to share this message! You can order online here. For bulk orders call 1-877-439-3348.

A few weeks ago, the new Ontario government announced several legislative initiatives, but those announcements did not include conscience rights for health professionals. EPC reacted to the announcements by launching an online petition campaign. We urge you to call the Premier’s office: 416-325-1941.

Many of you will remember the Latimer case. On October 24, 1993, Robert Latimer killed his daughter Tracy, who lived with Cerebral Palsy, by gassing her in the cab of his truck. Latimer requested a pardon from Canada’s Minister of Justice based on the fact that euthanasia is now legal in Canada and because the federal government is considering extending euthanasia to children.

Latimer used the defence of necessity by stating that it was the only way that he could stop his daughter’s suffering. The facts of the case differ from the media reports. During the trial, the EA from the school that Tracy attended said that she was not constantly suffering and her mother’s diary referred to Tracy as a happy girl who was doing well. Robert Latimer has been free since 2010. Pardoning him would remove the criminal conviction from his record.

I have been shocked by the number of our online supporters who stated that they support pardoning Robert Latimer.

Wanda Morris, the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) VP of Advocacy and the former CEO of the euthanasia lobby group, Dying with Dignity, wrote an article attacking palliative care practitioners and organizations who refuse to assist the death of their patients. Morris accuses hospices, palliative care practitioners, and other health care practitioners as “causing harm” to their patients by preventing patients from accessing an “assisted death.”

This is not the first time that CARP has promoted euthanasia. We are asking you to boycott CARP.

Good News: Germany’s Health Minister announced that they will refuse prescriptions for euthanasia drugs. The letter from the Ministry of Health stated that: it is not the task of the state to actively support suicidal acts.

EPC is making a difference. Thank you for your continued support.

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Alex Schadenberg

Executive Director & International Chair

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