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April 5, 2017

Dear Friends:

Recently, the Ontario Ministry of Health announced the establishment of a toll-free “death hotline” to provide access for euthanasia. Some people say the hotline will protect conscience rights for doctors who refuse to kill or refer their patients to a physician who will. The creation of the hotline did not include protections for doctors who refuse to refer their patients; in fact, doctors will be expected to provide patients with an “effective referral” and information for the line. The end result of this will be more euthanasia deaths.

EPC has published a pamphlet titled Shedding Light on Assisted Suicide in America. It dispels the myths that assisted suicide in America is safe and without abuse. Through stories and data, it explains why the Oregon assisted suicide law lacks effective oversight and why depressed people and people who are not terminally ill are dying by assisted suicide. Pricing is $35 for 100, $90 for 300 or $150 for 600 (+shipping on all orders and taxes on Canadian orders). Additional bulk pricing is available.

The Euthanasia Deception documentary continues to be screened in communities throughout North America. Kevin Dunn and I have been traveling extensively; speaking to groups and showing the documentary.

We have now sold more than 3000 copies of The Euthanasia Deception and recently an updated version with French subtitles was released. If you have not screened it in your community, please do so. You can order the DVD $30 for 1 DVD or $100 for 4 (+ shipping on all orders and taxes on Canadian orders).

The producer of The Euthanasia Deception is seeking personal experiences about assisted suicide in America. We are working on a film identifying the fatal flaws of assisted suicide in America. Email to share your personal story or to help us contact someone who has a story.

In February, Kevin Dunn interviewed people in the Netherlands with personal experience with euthanasia and euthanasia lobby leaders to find out how they interpret the term “completed life” and to learn about the directions of the lobby. He has powerful footage from these interviews. We need your financial support to finish this project in a timely manner.

The Compassionate Community Care service (1-855-675-8749) continues to receive calls from people who need advice, help or support concerning euthanasia, assisted suicide or end-of-life treatment issues.

Thank you for your continued support. For those who are regular/monthly donors, we are incredibly thankful to you.
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Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director / International Chair

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