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May 29, 2018

Dear Friends,

I am very pleased to tell you about the many tremendous successes we have experienced in the month of May.

The first great success is the decision of the American Medical Association (AMA) Ethics Committee to maintain their position that assisted suicide is unethical. The AMA will be voting on the issue at their upcoming general meeting.

Secondly, the premiere screenings of Fatal Flaws in Chilliwack (British Columbia), Ottawa (Ontario), Guernsey (United Kingdom), and Worchester (Massachusetts) were all successful beyond what we could have anticipated. We had more than 100 people in Ottawa and over 200 in Worchester.

All of these events were well received but most notable was the screening in Guernsey that helped defeat an assisted suicide proposal there. One of the proposal’s legislative sponsors attended the screening. The next day he stated in the legislature that after watching Fatal Flaws he has changed his position on assisted suicide. This is the third great success: the proposal was defeated by a vote of 24 to 14! The influence of this film is only made possible by you, our donors, who enabled us to co-produce it. Thank-you for this!

The fourth great success is the rejection of euthanasia by the Finnish parliament (Riksdag). The Riksdag was responding to a citizens’ initiative yet they defeated the euthanasia proposal by 128 to 60.

The fifth great success is the decision by Superior Court Judge Daniel Ottolia to invalidate California’s assisted suicide law. Ottolia found it was unconstitutional that the California legislature passed the Assisted Suicide Act during a special session to address healthcare funding shortfalls such as services for the disabled and in-home health support services. Ottolia decided that the legislature acted outside its scope of authority. The Fourth District Court of Appeals then upheld his decision that the law is unconstitutional. Therefore, doctors and/or family members can, once again, be prosecuted for assisting a suicide in California.

The sixth great success is that the New Zealand Justice Select Committee that was examining euthanasia was granted permission to delay its report by six months. This was after they received 35,000 submissions. Euthanasia Free NZ said that the majority of these submissions oppose the legalization of euthanasia or assisted suicide in New Zealand.

We encourage you to organize a screening of Fatal Flaws this fall. We prefer that it be done in a public venue, such as a theatre or library, but the message needs to get out.

EPC is making a difference. Your financial support is now invaluable to develop a promotions campaign to widen interest in the film. If you have not done so, please consider becoming a monthly or regular donor.

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Alex Schadenberg

Executive Director & International Chair

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