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September 2, 2020

Dear Friend,

On August 18, Prime Minister Trudeau prorogued parliament. Technically, proroguing parliament “kills” the legislation that did not yet pass. Canadian tradition permits the government to receive approval to return legislation to the track that it was on before prorogation. Bill C-7, the bill to expand Canada’s euthanasia law, will return, even though the legislative number may change.

Bill C-7 was the government’s response to the Québec Truchon decision striking down the requirement that natural death must be reasonably foreseeable before dying by lethal injection. Bill C-7 went even further.

The bill would permit euthanasia for an incompetent person, if that person had been previously approved. One reason someone may become incompetent is dementia. Recently I published an article on the EPC blog ( explaining how permitting euthanasia for people with dementia paves the way for euthanasia without consent. This provision in Bill C-7 removes the right of an incompetent person to change their mind. Bill C-7 is an irresponsible bill that uses undefined expansive language.

Parliament will not debate Bill C-7 until late September and the Superior Court of Québec agreed to suspend the Truchon decision until December 18. I think that the political time frame for the bill is impossible to meet.

A British Columbia (BC) woman requested an assisted death based on COVID-19 isolation. A BC Seniors Advocate questioned how many lives have been lost due to the COVID-19 protocols. How many people have died by assisted death due to loneliness and isolation related to COVID-19?

I am running for charity on October 4. Can you sponsor me by donating to Compassionate Community Care (CCC)? CCC is a registered charity which provides advice for people who are facing end-of-life medical treatment, care decisions and/or euthanasia. CCC has been contacted by family and friends of those who were seeking death by euthanasia or needing to make ethical treatment/care decisions. CCC has also created a Visiting Training Program, enabling people to visit lonely and socially isolated people in their community.

Donations made payable to Compassionate Community Care can be mailed to 383 Horton St E London ON N6B 1L6. You can donate to CCC online via You may also sponsor my run by donating to the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition legal fund. Thank you for supporting my run!

In times like these we recognize the importance of those who donate on a regular basis. Please consider becoming a monthly/regular donor by credit card, PayPal or direct deposit. To set this up, call the EPC office at 1-877-439-3348.

We are incredibly thankful for your continued support!

Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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