March 2, 2018

Dear Friends,

This past month was a difficult yet rewarding time for the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

The Biennial Provincial Symposium on Paediatric Palliative Care (April 25) will feature a break-out session titled, “Developing a policy on Medical Assistance in Dying for Paediatric Patients.” Does this mean that a decision has been made to extend euthanasia to children or that the Canadian Paediatric Society supports euthanasia?

Hawaii passed a bill to legalize assisted suicide, even though the elected representatives were not able to read it. The Oregon 2017 assisted suicide report indicates that the number of deaths has increased once again. At the same time, Utah passed a bill criminalizing assisted suicide and a Langley, BC hospice has decided that they will not participate in euthanasia, even though the BC government has ordered them to provide it.

People are very concerned about Canada’s euthanasia law being extended to children. The article I published concerning this issue received more downloads in less than one week than any previous article.

Fatal Flaws will be available for screening in May. We have also produced a companion pamphlet designed to re-enforce the film’s message. To organize the processing and shipping efficiently, we ask that you pre-order the film and pamphlets. All pre-orders will be shipped in May, 2018.

All pricing for the Fatal Flaws DVD and pamphlets include taxes and shipping:

  • DVD: $40 for 1, $100 for 3 or $300 for 10.
  • Pamphlets: $40 for 100, $100 for 300 or $300 for 1000.
  • 1 DVD + 100 pamphlets for $75, 3 DVDs + 300 pamphlets for $180.

With any Fatal Flaws order, you can include The Euthanasia Deception documentary for $20.

Last month, Fabian Ståhle, from Sweden, uncovered the hidden problems with the Oregon assisted suicide act. This month, the Journal of Ethics in Mental Health published a research article by Ståhle explaining how the euthanasia lobby uses moral disengagement to change the cultural attitudes toward killing. Ståhle is motivated to prevent the legalization of assisted suicide in Sweden.

Moral Disengagement – Mechanisms Propelling the Euthanasia/PAS Movement

Your donations to EPC continue to make a difference. Last month we offered a training webinar to help people oppose euthanasia. We will soon be publishing a guide to opposing euthanasia and assisted suicide. Fatal Flaws will be available soon. We thank you, our supporters, and we are working to earn your continued support.

We know that everything we do is only possible through your support.

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