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June 24, 2020

Dear Friend,

The COVID-19 pandemic is settling down, and we have re-opened the office. The new roof on our office building is finished and the ceiling tiles have been replaced.

We saved a life. I received a call from a woman with a chronic illness who wanted to die by MAiD. She told me about her condition and how she was depressed and lonely and said that she could not continue living. She said that she wanted to die by suicide, but she did not have the courage to kill herself, therefore she wanted assisted suicide. After a long conversation, she changed her mind and asked if she could call me again.

I recently received a call from a woman who was grieving the death of her son. She was not her son’s power of attorney and was upset with the medical decisions that were made as her son was nearing death. Her story is an important example of why people purchase the Life-Protecting Power of Attorney for Personal Care (available at this link or by contacting EPC).

Another woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, sent us her personal story representing a strong case against assisted suicide for mental illness. This woman has lived with mental illness since childhood and wrote that she is a survivor of suicidal ideation. She described her experiences as living with a chronic illness. Her goal is not recovery from mental illness but living with it. She writes, “Allowing assisted suicide for mental illness opens the door for us to act. It changes the vision of the ‘light at the end of the tunnel…’”

The Portuguese euthanasia bill passed in committee in February but was put on hold because of COVID-19. When parliament returned, the euthanasia bill became a priority. Then the Portuguese Order of Physicians came out against the bill which has pressured the government to delay the debate. At the same time, groups opposing euthanasia have collected 86,000 signatures calling for a referendum.

The US assisted suicide lobby has invested significant money in Massachusetts to get the assisted suicide bill passed before the November election. A unified effort will be needed to stop assisted suicide in Massachusetts.

Canada’s euthanasia Bill C-7 continues to be on hold. The government announced that parliament will not debate the bill until late September and has asked the Superior Court of Québec to suspend the Truchon decision until December 18. Bill C-7 needs to be shelved and the government needs to do a proper review of the euthanasia law.

On June 18, we held a one-hour webinar about COVID-19 and its effect on assisted suicide. More than 250 people signed up for the webinar. It was recorded and can be viewed on the EPC YouTube page (click this link to watch).

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Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director

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