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Last Friday, Justice Lynn Smith released a disturbing decision in the Carter case in British Columbia. This decision needs to be appealed to the BC Court of Appeal, and then to the Supreme Court of Canada. There are several areas of appeal with this decision and we need you to help us assure that the appeal occurs sooner rather than later.

Justice Smith decided that the assisted suicide act is unconstitutional, she decided to legalize euthanasia (it a little unclear), she decided to suspend her decision for one year to give parliament time to comply with her orders, and she decided to grant a constitutional exemption to Gloria Taylor, who has ALS, giving her the right to be killed by euthanasia or assisted suicide.

We  need you to contact the Hon Rob Nicholson, Justice Minister and ask him to appeal the decision by Justice Smith in the Carter case. We have created Talking Points for you.

Contact the Justice Minister at: or Email:

Since Justice Smith has ordered the Parliament of Canada to legalize “assisted death” within the year. We need you to contact your Member of Parliament (MP) to urge him/her to oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide. Link to the talking points. Contact your Member of Parliament at:

We need you to write letters in response to the many articles that are being written about this decision. To write a letter to a the media you should include personal stories, when possible, and  use one of the talking points.

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